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Filipiniana storytelling in the CMC

Storytelling has traditionally been a form of entertainment in the Philippines. When families gathered together, they would tell stories- often to teach their younger members important moral values. Today, we have Alitaptap who are professional storytellers to share two stories with each of our classes. Matthew, a Grade 4 student in Mr. Quinlan’s class, said […]

The Dog of the Snake that loved to sword fight by Kai, Noah and Minji (the audience!)

This is Noah and Kai’s latest model of domino design. It has the body of a snake, the head of a dog and a sword tail. It’s number one weapon is its tail. Watch the video now! One part went wrong. It was the curving part with the big white dominos. It was too close […]

Domino’s by Ty G4

I love building dominos during recess. When Dylan and me build dominos, his fall slower than mine. I think it’s because he puts the dominos further apart than I do. I want to investigate if this is true. Hope it works! Prediction: I predict that the tower will fall slower then the other dominos. What […]

Dominos inquiry by Kai and Noah

During recess we played dominos. We designed it to go under a bridge and then over a bridge. It almost worked! Next time we will make the bridge wider and separate the dominos more. Stay tuned to see our next try!

My favorite series by Ennie G3

My favorite is Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff KInney. I like it because I think it is funny. Now I am reading Hard Luck. It’s the last one and the newest one. I like the way the author uses pictures because it helps me imagine what is happening. The CMC has the full […]

Recess- Domino play!

One of favorite books by Mr. Steve

‘In the Night Kitchen’ is one of my favorite picture books.