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What do you think of when you see/hear the word difference? After sharing our thoughts and finding out that the difference is the amount left when one quantity is subtracted from another, we then proceeded to apply what we learned about difference during an activity called Gummy Stretch. In pairs, students had to measure the […]

Measuring Plants in Our Community Garden

Earlier this week, the children showed their understanding of measurement by going out to our Community Garden to estimate and measure different plants’ lengths and widths.  The children enjoyed the opportunity to take their learning outside the classroom walls and to explore the different plants in the garden.   After, they analyzed their results and […]

How Big Is Our Classroom?

Earlier this week the children were presented with a challenge of finding out how wide our classroom was.  In this challenged they were asked to be critical thinkers, as all known measuring tools were taken out of the equation.  The children grouped up based on similar ideas of how they could problem solve.  Below are […]

What Do You Know About Measurement?

Earlier this week the children began to take a look into their own thinking of measurement.   They had some time to brainstorm in their notebooks what they think measurement is/means and anything they could come up with that related to measurement, whether it being tools they are familiar with  to ways different objects can […]

How Big is a Foot?

To tune into our measurement unit, we read the story How Big is a Foot? by Rolf Myller. In the story, the king wanted to give the queen a bed for her birthday, but the apprentice was not sure what size the bed should be since during that time, beds were not invented yet. The […]

How Wide is our classroom?

  Today the children inquired into measuring a bit further.  They were presented with question:  “How wide is the classroom?”  The only constraint they had was that they COULD NOT use any standard measurement tools.  As firs, some thought this task was “hard” and “impossible” however, once they began to “think outside of the box” […]

Measurement Launch!

This morning the kids began thinking about measurement. They were given the following question to explore: “What can we measure about something?” For this activity the children had some independent thinking time where they began to add their thoughts on the posed question. After some time, we came together as a whole class to share […]

Connections to the Natural World

It’s that time again to kick off our newest Unit of Inquiry, ‘Connections to the Natural World.’  Below is an overview of this unit.  It would be great to review this with your child and see how you can make connections to their learning outside of the classroom!  This unit of study will challenge the children with […]