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Building our Understanding of Place Value and Operations

This week the children have continued building their knowledge of place value and operations.  They have been playing many games that help them build their knowledge in a fun and engaging way.  Below are some images of the different choices the children have had in our classroom to help them grow as mathematicians.         […]

Math Centers

Our first week doing math centers was successful!  Students are growing in their understanding of how a position of a digit in a number affect its value.  Lots of fun activities to better understand place value. Thank you to our parent volunteers.  If you didn’t get a chance to sign up this month, we hope […]

Making Numbers

In math, students were challenged with making numbers in various ways using their base ten blocks, describing it in base-ten language/words and showing it in expanded form.  Students practiced regrouping and is growing a deeper understanding of the flexibility of numbers as well as place value.

1000 Project

The students had a wonderful learning time sharing their 1000 project as well as seeing other students’ ideas.  They were able to give each other positive feedback and ask questions about each other’s choice of materials and strategies they used to count.  They now have a better idea of how big is 1,000? [tylr-slidr width=”400″ […]