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Tuning into Science

[tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””][/tylr-slidr] To tune into our science unit of inquiry, our class joined Ms. Markovich’s in a tussle to see who had the slowest egg. The students helped us decide the conditions in which we should conduct this test. Being good sports, we agreed that the egg drop from the third floor of ES […]

Scientists Explain

For their final performance task, our scientists shared their investigations with Mrs. J-O’s scientists. It was a reciprocal arrangement, where we exchanged visits and presentations. The scientists needed to share their opening question, hypothesis, procedure and observations along with their data collection which showed patterns and/or changes. Their conclusions and evaluations followed. These steps were recorded […]

Potato Power

In our class, Milan and I did an experiment about potato power. Our question was: Which size potato had more power the small ones the medium ones or the big ones? Our hypothesis was: that the big potatoes will have more power then the other potatoes. These are the materials we used:  3 nails, 3 […]


            Jenny and I  paired up and we had to think of a question to investigate as an experiment. We chose to do something about composting and our question is, ” What de-composes faster, piece of banana peel or an apple core?” Jenny took charge of the banana experiment, when I decided to  observe how fast an apple core […]

Worm Diet!

In our class, we are working on our science unit of inquiry. We had to think of a question and turn it into a experiment. Our question is: Other than dirt, what can worms eat that keeps them alive? Adi’s hypothesis is that the worms will die in 5 days. James’ hypothesis was that the worms will die in […]

Science Experiment

      When we started our science unit, we had to have a question to make an independent investigation. We had a question, a hypothesis, then we had to start. We got our materials and put together our  experiment. We have to get our data every day to know what was happening. To answer the question […]

Our Hamster Experiment

Our experiment is about hamsters and what they like to eat. At the beginning, my partner and I planned out what we were going to do.  We decided to do something different from the other plan because  a an unfortuanate event occurred when one of  the hamsters died.So we cahnged the plan to what hamsters […]

Our Experiment

Our experiment is based on the question which is, “Which plant will survive for the longest, the one in the sun or the one in the shade?” One plant is in a cupboard and the other one is in the sun. They both look the same which is quite interesting. We collected data about the plant and what it […]


We are so busy thinking like scientists. Last week ended with the students making oobleck. Question: Is oobleck a solid or liquid? It is a very curious compound! Dr Seuss wrote the book, ‘Bartholomew and the Oobleck’. This story gives you a fair idea of what oobleck is and its questionable purposes. This week started off […]

Thinking and Fun!

Our fieldtrip to the nearby Mind Museum was fascinating! So many interesting exhibits and hands-on activities kept excited students busy for the duration of the visit. What was most intriguing? What captured thinking? Whys and whats abounded. With their buddy, the students explored the museum, trying out many of the 250+ exhibits. All students visited the planetarium, to study […]