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Thinking Why

This week’s inquiry work has raised more questions about why things happen. Do ask your child about the experiments they observed and conducted. What changes did they notice? Why did they happen? Were changes and variables documented accurately? What were their variables? How was their thinking challenged? What strategies were used? How strong is an egg? […]

Exciting Experiments

In line with eggs this week, the students listened to a story called ‘The Talking Eggs’, a folktale by Robert D. San Souci. In Literature Circles, the students performed their jobs and shared their information about this fictional story. The students had a reading activity investigating a famous scientist – Madam Curie. Do ask your child what qualities […]

Science Experiments

We  are doing an experiment on the Humpty Dumpty story. Instead of him cracking, we have to make it so he doesn’t crack. We have also soaked two eggs in vinegar, one’s raw and one’s cooked. Mrs. Cooney wanted to wait and see if lasts till Monday, and so far the eggs have gotten bigger and one of the eggs has cracked and the […]

Science :D

Our new unit is Science and since we started, it was fun. Our first experiment was different eggs: Ostrich egg and 2 chicken eggs. Our classmate Jenny brought in a ostrich egg, she said that her dad gave it to her from their ranch. ” This ostrich egg was smaller than the others in the […]

After Spring Break, 2012

Welcome back, everyone! It’s great seeing all the students refreshed and ready to jump straight into the final burst of school year 2012. We welcome Leandro to our class. This week saw us thinking about and working with fractions, unit 7 in maths. We reviewed our past three units of inquiry through expert groups posing fat questions in […]