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a unique SMARTIA birthday candle starts burning…

Never one to be “normal”, Mrs. McGrath’s class birthday candle is definitely unique… it burns UP as time goes on!! We celebrated our first Smartian birthday last week, and Q.C was the first to experience the world famous “burning up candle”!!! Every child gets a turn when it is their birthday to wear the birthday hat […]

Potato Power

In our class, Milan and I did an experiment about potato power. Our question was: Which size potato had more power the small ones the medium ones or the big ones? Our hypothesis was: that the big potatoes will have more power then the other potatoes. These are the materials we used:  3 nails, 3 […]

What a day out!

Our class had a terrific outing on Saturday. It was a special occasion to celebrate a great year in Grade 4. Thanks to Jenny’s Dad for so generously hosting this top fun event. As the students are doing blogs about their science experiments, this short and sweet one contains photos of our day out on the ranch. […]

International Day!

International Day started off with a big bang, on March 29th, 2012. The first activity was the flag ceremony. The flag bearers went to the cafeteria and got in a line in alphabetical order. The flags were on the hallways and you had to pull the strings once you heard your country called.The ceremony took […]

Week 11, Semester 2, 2012

Last Friday, all grade 4 visited our friends at Tondo School. Even though PCF was officially on school holidays, they came in to meet with us. The students immediately went off to their stations which comprised: visiting the livelihood area, playing on the school’s roof-top playground or attending a magic show. What fun the students […]

Week 7, Semester 2, 2012

This week saw our students with their Grade 1 buddies looking over learning journals. This will be one of the items they will present to their parents during the Student Led conference meeting next week. These journals show growth in learning. Our class studied BIG numbers in a BIG way. We looked at the growing global population, 7 […]