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Sport’s Day 2015

What a blast we all had being active and showing our sportsmanship this past Friday!  Below are MANY photos taken throughout our day of fun! (ES Field)   (Swimming Pool) (Covered Court)

Sports Day Fun!!


Cool Kangas : Sports Day Fun

My favorite part of Sports Day was the covered court. We played many games like Head Honcho. The rules of head Honcho 1. Find someone to do rock-paper-scissors with. 2. If you win you go up one space. 3. When you win the last point you get a scarf.  4. Keep on repeating the process until the game […]

Sports Day: Pool

In February 15, 2013, we did sports day. We wore our class jersey shirt and our class was known as: Cooney’s Cool Kangas. Our class animal is a kangaroo, that’s why on our t-shirts, we had a kangaroo. In others classes, there were lots of other animals, and things  like turtles, leopards, jabber, mac books, and etc. We were really excited […]

Grass, Mud… and FUN!

On Sports Day, 2013, Feb 15, there were lots of kids and parents joining all the games.Even if there were teams who lost there was always good Sportsmanship.Here is some things that happened on that day. On the ES  field, there were water relays and all sorts of fun utilities! The water relay was a […]

Sports Day: ES Field

On February 15, we had our ES Sports Day. Coincidentally, it was on I.T ‘s (my) birthday! :D.  We are doing this because we would like to share our SPORTSMANSHIP, experiences and teamwork .  We are doing a post about Elementary School’s Field and Covered Court.  Our favorite part was the Dunk Tank because it was funny to […]

Sports Day, February, 2013

ISM ES Sports Day – What an energy charged day! And it started in our classroom with this warm up:   [youtube][/youtube] The day progressed quickly with the students visiting three main stations to participate in a range of games and activities.  These were held in the covered court area, the ES field and the pool. The pictures following tell […]