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Our Contraption

On Dec. 13, 2011, 2 experts came and checked our work. They checked for simple machines, good materials and some more things as well. Unfortunately, ours didn’t quite work. There were some creative contraptions. We tried our best to make our project presentable and it did work in a way… Though I think Mr. Niznik […]

Experts Vist

This week, we had experts coming to our classroom. They were David and Mr. Niznik. They came because we invited them to look at our Contraption Projects that we have been working on for one week. They came on a Tuesday afternoon. Our project was called the paintanater. That was because a stone will be painted by […]

The Porcelain Unicorn

[youtube][/youtube] The Porcelain Unicorn is a pretty sad video about a girl who is hiding from soldiers in a cupboard located in an old house. A boy finds her and she gives him her porcelain unicorn. Right at that moment, soldiers they smash their way in, so the boy told her to run away and she did. Then the soldiers […]

Child Rights

In our new Child Rights unit, we have been working in groups and figuring out the needs and wants of children. We had to put in the numbers from the main need to the not so important things. I was with 3 people in a group. We also did a CSI chart about child rights. In the Color, Symbol, Image […]

The Final Design Challenge

We had our final design challenge. Two judges came to grade our project. Their names were Mr. Niznik and David. I think we did a pretty good job on our project. Even though on the day it didn’t work, it was okay because they graded us on presentation and creativity too. It was very scary to […]

System Project

On Wednesday 13, 2011, we had to show our system projects to Mr.Niznik & David. I  hoped that I would get a high score because we’ve been doing this project for a long time and it was fun. My group was the 8th group to go & we were really nervous. When it was our […]

Invention test 2

In our class, we had to make an invention using simple machines. Our teacher put us in partners and we had to make a invention. Our teacher gave us 45 minutes to complete the invention test.  We all had experience because we did one before. My partner and I decided to make a mini roller coaster for […]

Design Challenge

Our class had a test for 45 minutes and it was called the Design Challenge. We had to make something from a few items called: A pulley, a Wheel and Axle , a dolly peg, an elastic band , 2 tens blocks , a big maths book , an incline plane (ramp), 1 meter string , […]

Invention test number 2

Last Friday, our class had a task and  it was to invent something in 45 minutes using a big math book, a cup, a pulley, a wheel an axe,l a straw, one meter of string, ruler,a tube,a tub, scissiors, only 30 cm of tape, a marball, a bottle cap, and a piece of paper. We were […]

Our Design Challenge

On November 18th, 2011, we had a design challenge. We had to work hard and we had a time limit of 45 minutes. We  made something  creative and fun to play with. We had an extra 10 minutes to think about what to build. These are the materials we had to use: A cup, gears, scissors, ruler, 2 tens blocks, a […]