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Taking a Closer Look into Food Packaging

This week the Cool Cats have begun to take a closer look into food packaging.   Yesterday they went through a museum walk around the classroom and completed their “See,Think, Wonder” on what they observed.  Below is a collaborated list that the Cool Cats came up with during this exploration and discovery time. After the […]

Field Trip to Gardenia Bread Factory

What a wonderful, first hand learning experience, our Grade Two children had last Thursday.  We had the pleasure of visiting the ‘Gardenia Bread Factory’ where the children got to see in action how bread is made, from start to finish!  Many connections were made in their learning through this unique experience.   Below are some […]

How Can We Promote Sustainable Living?

Our class wants the world to be a better place and we are doing our part by giving back to the Earth so that we can be more sustainable.  We have been learning that foods go through a process in order to eat the certain foods we eat.  By planting, we have been able to […]

Making Gnocchi

A big thank you to our dad’s who came in today to share with us the process and steps it takes to make the Italian dish, “gnocchi”. Another thank you to our mom volunteers who were able to join us for the fun! Our class has truly enjoyed the hand-on experiences we’ve been so fortunate […]

Creating Flow Charts to Show How Products are Processed

With having had the opportunity to cook a few different dishes over the past week, the children have begun to realize that foods need to go through a process before we can eat them.  We took a step back yesterday and the kids worked in small groups to listen to a non-fiction book that described […]

It’s Time to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies!

In trying to gain an understanding of how we are able to consume the different foods we eat, the children have been exploring their cooking skills in the kitchen! This has given them the understanding that the foods we consume go through different stages in order for them to be ready for us to eat. […]

Making Brigadeiro and Lumpia

The Cool Cats had a lovey treat today when two parents came in to share with them the process of making one of their favorite family dishes. The children had an opportunity to learn how to make the traditional Filipino food, Lumpia, and a famous Brazilian dessert, known as Brigadeiro. What a fabulous time they […]

Making Applesauce!

What an awesome morning the Cool Cats had making applesauce! In order for the children to begin to gain a deeper understanding of how a “raw” product becomes a “processed” product, I thought what better way to help them understand it, than to have them actually go through the process themselves. During this activity the […]

Canteen Exploration

What can we find in our canteen?  Today the children went on a canteen exploration to see what types of food products it has?  The children were collecting data to see what food products were “raw” and “processed”.  Although the children encountered the b”big kids’” lunch time, they didn’t let that distracted them from gathering […]

Investigating Things We Eat and Drink

This week the children began taking a closer look at different foods we eat and beverages we drink in order to further investigate our focus question: “Where do the food we eat come form?”  The children worked in groups of 3 to make some observations of of photos they had.  They were asked to try […]