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Systems Project

In our class we had a simple machines (systems) project. We had to bring the materials from home. We had 1 week to finish the project. We had to have at least 3 simple machines. My partner and I had an inclined plane, a wheel and axle, and a lever. At the start, I drew […]

Experts Vist

This week, we had experts coming to our classroom. They were David and Mr. Niznik. They came because we invited them to look at our Contraption Projects that we have been working on for one week. They came on a Tuesday afternoon. Our project was called the paintanater. That was because a stone will be painted by […]

Systems Contraption test

On 13/12/11  we had our systems contraption test with Mr.David and Mr.Niznik. It was very scary, that’s why some people’s contraption didn’t work, but Ms.Cooney told us that it wasn’t about if it worked or not, it was about if you were creative and if you were thinking about your work. Our contraption was supposed […]

The Final Design Challenge

We had our final design challenge. Two judges came to grade our project. Their names were Mr. Niznik and David. I think we did a pretty good job on our project. Even though on the day it didn’t work, it was okay because they graded us on presentation and creativity too. It was very scary to […]

System Project

On Wednesday 13, 2011, we had to show our system projects to Mr.Niznik & David. I  hoped that I would get a high score because we’ve been doing this project for a long time and it was fun. My group was the 8th group to go & we were really nervous. When it was our […]

Final invention test

Yesterday we had our final test. It was to invent something, using simpe machines. Our contraption was called Balloon Popper Extreme. The simple machines we used were: wedge, inclined plane, lever, wheel & axle. The judges gave us a grade and we were so nervous . They gave us an exemplary  in our presentation because we spoke […]

Inspection for our Simple Contraption

On Tuesday the 13 we had Mr. Niznik and David visit us  to inspect our contraption. We called our contraption, “The Simple Contraption”. Our objective was to push a little toy man into a cup. The simple machines we used were; the inclined plane, screw, wheels and axles. Before the inspection, we both felt very […]

Inspections for Inventions

The visitors, David and Mr.Niznik came to our classroom to inspect our inventions. Reed and I named our project the Wacky Machine! The Wacky Machine contained the simple machines the lever, the screw, the wheel and axle and the inclined plane. We used the water source to start the contraption. The judges liked that. We […]

Learning and more…..

This week, the students worked on their toys/contraptions. Working collaboratively with a partner, the students designed and reviewed each other’s plans before embarking on their own creation. The students are aware that changes to their original design is part of the process of developing a contraption. Importance is placed on the process more than accomplishing […]

Week 3 and Systems Fun

Last week, we were treated to a rendition of J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg concerto, by visiting grade 7 students, Celine and Christian. We hope they will come and visit us again with more beautiful music. Invention test #2 and the designs were surprising, as you can see from the pictures. A vital part of this activity was […]