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Invention test 2

In our class, we had to make an invention using simple machines. Our teacher put us in partners and we had to make a invention. Our teacher gave us 45 minutes to complete the invention test.  We all had experience because we did one before. My partner and I decided to make a mini roller coaster for […]

Design Challenge

Our class had a test for 45 minutes and it was called the Design Challenge. We had to make something from a few items called: A pulley, a Wheel and Axle , a dolly peg, an elastic band , 2 tens blocks , a big maths book , an incline plane (ramp), 1 meter string , […]

Invention test number 2

Last Friday, our class had a task and  it was to invent something in 45 minutes using a big math book, a cup, a pulley, a wheel an axe,l a straw, one meter of string, ruler,a tube,a tub, scissiors, only 30 cm of tape, a marball, a bottle cap, and a piece of paper. We were […]

Design Challenge

In our class, we were put in pairs so that we could create something. Our pair created a design using an inclined plane, string, a marble, a tissue roll, two tens blocks, a ruler, a bottle cap, 30 cm of tape and a plastic cup. We called the design the Ramp Game. My partner and I had fun making […]

Our Second Invention Test

For our second invention test, we had to invent something with some simple machines. The board was an inclined plane and there were some wheels on a stick which was a wheel and axle. We also a tub, a pair of scissors, a piece of paper, a cup and a bottle cap. But that was not all, […]

November, Week 2

What a busy week! To begin, all the students participated in an invention test. In their groups of 3, and reminded of our teamwork agreements, the students needed to complete a creation using assorted building parts within 45 minutes. They were allowed to refer to the suggested ideas on the directions and then invent something different based […]

All Systems Go!

Welcome back! In spite of this short week, the students made a strong start on our next unit of inquiry, Systems. In groups, the students discussed placements of everyday objects into categories, explaining why the objects were placed as such. They looked for commonalities, similar uses, shapes, functions, etc. Most engaging were the conversations amongst […]