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Tuning into Creative Expressions

To tune into our Creative Expressions unit, we went to the Little Theater where different teachers and administrators shared one of their favorite books with us. It was interesting to find out about different types of books and see different ways authors creatively express themselves.

A New Quarter: Transformations

Welcome to the second quarter of grade 8. Our overarching concept for this quarter within all of our core subjects will be transformations. In English class we will explore the transformative power of words and how they can change their own meanings, and our minds.  We will be looking through the lens of poetry to […]

Week 8: A CWW Short Week

The first quarter is rapidly coming to a close- as usual, there is much to do, and little time left! On our educational radar now: 1. This week we have our final quiz on the literary terms; the first class of the week will be taken up with this task. 2. The memoirs are well on […]

Lets Work It Out

This week as a language arts link with our unit on Physical Well-being we have been looking at a series of books from the CMC called ‘Lets Work It Out’ Our CMC only has a few books from the series. As we read through the book ‘How to Deal With Hurt Feelings’ we realized that […]


THRASS stands for the Teaching of Handwriting Reading and Spelling Skills. This is a tool that we use at ISM to help of students become both skilled readers and writers.  Alongside this resource, our class will also be discussing various reading and spelling strategies during the year. Why Do We Use THRASS? with Denise Ritchie (developer of THRASS) […]

Week 7: September 15-19

Another 5 Day Week… is a great thing. I hope that I can say that powerschool has opened seamlessly for you and the numbers are making perfect sense. There just a few items that I would like to clarify for you on our assessment categories; I will include a short presentation in my next blog […]

Performance Task: Memoir

I have attached the quarter ending writing task for all of grade 8. All students are expected to create a high quality memoir from the practice wring we have done with small moments this month. The details of the assignment are on the descriptor sheet while the assessment guide is the rubric which I will […]

Week 5 in English

Key questions for this week: What do you want to tell your reader? What is the author’s intent for each short story we read? Weekly Overview: We will continue to read our short stories this week; in fact, we will focus on The Dinner Party. Early, we will review the 7 metacognitive reading strategies; students […]

Open House

Dear Parents, Thank you for coming to open house on Wednesday evening; it was an energetic and informative night for me. Please email me if you have any questions about our class, or if you need to meet, email me. I am happy to talk shop on reading and writing. My blog is in transition, […]

Book Talk and Book Sort

To get students thinking more about literature, several of our faculty members were part of a book talk which was held in the Little Theater on Monday. Students were able to hear about each person’s favorite literature and his/her reason why it is a favorite. Some of the reasons students found out about why a book […]